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$50 a year

Regular dental care for you and your family is an important part of staying healthy.

DentRite® has just made it much easier!

DentRite® is not dental insurance, but a discount dental plan that provides significant savings on dental procedures you and the family need. Now it is easier and more affordable to maintain your dental health. DentRite® gives you the quality dental care and services usually found only in insurance plans but with some welcome bonuses:


  • DentRite® Dental Discount Plan
  • Simple Flat Fee Pricing

DentRite®Members may take advantage of dental savings offered by industry leaders in dental care. Members will have access to discounted services at over 150 dental practices across eight states.

DentRite® Discount Plan Features:

  • Members can save 20% to 70% on many dental procedures including oral exams, cleanings and x-rays.
  • Members will also save 20% on all other dental services, including but not limited to fillings and major work such as dentures, extractions, root canals, crowns, periodontics and orthodontics. 20% savings also available on cosmetic, restorative and specialty procedures.
  • DentRite® members save at least $250 per year on preventative care alone!

Sample Savings Chart






Adult Cleaning





Routine Checkup





Four Bitewing X-rays





*Regular cost is based on the average of the 80th percentile usual and customary rates as detailed in the 2012 FairHealth report for Atlanta, Detroit, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington D.C., Tampa and Orlando ares.

** These fees represent the assigned DentRite® fees in Atlanta, Detroit, Philadephia, Baltimore, Washington D.C., Tampa and Orlando. Prices subject to change.

This product is only available in FL, GA, IL, IN, MD, MI, PA and VA.

Simple Flat Fee Pricing





Periodic Oral Evaluation - Established Patient


Limited Oral Evaluation - Problem Focus


Comprehensive Oral Evaluation - New or Established Patient


Intraoral - Complete Series of Radiographic Images


Intraoral - Periapical - First Radiographic Image


Intraoral - Periapical - Each Additional Radiographic Image


Bitewings - Two Radiographic Images


Bitewings - Four Radiographic Images


Panoramic Radiographic Image




Prophylaxis - Adult


Prophylaxis - Child Cleaning


Topical Application of Flouride


Sealant - Per Tooth



20% Discount

*It is the Member's responsibility to verify that the dentist is a participating Provider before seeking any treatment. Any dental procedures performed by a non-participating dentist are not discounted and are charged at the dentist's normal fees.

*The dollar amount specified adjacent to each procedure may not be the only cost incurred for a given treatment - many treatments may require more than one dental procedure. Please consult your DentRite® provider for a detailed treatment plan prior to beginning any work.

*Work in progress prior to joining the dental plan must be completed by the dentist who started the work and is subject to no discount.

*DentRite® can not guarantee the continued participation of any dentist. If the dentist leaves the plan, you will need to select another participating DentRite® provider. Not all types of dentists may be available in your area.

*While all participating DentRite® providers are professionally licensed in the state in which they practice, DentRite® does not guarantee the quality of service of the providers. Any quality of care concerns involving any participating DentRite® provider should be directed in writing to: DentRite® Dental Services, 6240 Lake Osprey Drive, Sarasota, FL 34240. Please call 1.877.DENTRITE (1.877.336.8748) if you have any further questions.

*Some providers may charge for missed or broken appointments if no prior notice is given as per their office policies and are subject to no discounts.

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